lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Street Fighter Rescue Brigade?

In the proud Argentinean tradition of we-use-the-original-molds-but-call the-figures-whatever-the-hell-we-want-to-so-we-don't-have-to-pay-for-the-rights-or-anything-like-that. Like Fuerza T did with the original MOTU molds in 2003.

I found these three figures (in two two-packs), made with the GI Joe Street Fighter original molds by a company called Multiplast.

They are called Brigada Rescate! (Rescue Brigade) and it only has three characters Rudo Fierro (Tough Iron - Ken), Capitán Bermellón (Captain Vermilion - M. Bison) and Macizo Joe (Solid Joe - Sagat).

Apparently, Multiplast was able to get the original molds when Plastirama, the original company that had the G.I. Joe license went out of business. Maybe they stole them, I don't know...

I have both sets (since these are two two-packs and only three figures, one figure is repeated).

These figures are available for trade/sell. If you're interested, mail me:

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