martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Misscarded Robocop figure

In the 1980s a company called J. Sulc was trusted with the Robocop and the Ultra Police line. Since the property wasn't that big, the good people at J. Sulc did a pretty crappy job. Robocop looks quite bad, but that's not the biggest QC issue of this figure...

Does he look like "Wheels" Wilson to you? The figure is complete with his gun and with the lack of protector Robo-Armor shield that the card mentions...

Many kids from Argentina knew who to blame when they didn't get the figure the needed to complete the set. On the other hand, who the Hell is "Wheels" Wilson? Robocop is clearly more badass.

This figure is available for trade/sell. If you're interested, mail me:

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