sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

How do you translate a famous line with no meaning? Easy, phonetically

Somewhere, somehow, Argentinean company Plastirama was able to acquire (legally we hope) the rights to produce Flintstones figures. The line was called Los Picapiedras en Acción (Flintstones in action - In that way, this is not a bootleg, Picapiedras is the actual name that series had in Latin America).

The card is pretty beaten up and there's no year of production. Plastirama did stamp there logo in the card, but as you'll soon find out, if you're talking about QC that means close to nothing.

The figure, of course, is Dino, and he's not that bad. Six points of articulation and two accessories. The rest, still, is pretty cheap.

As for the title of the post, this is why:

That's how you would write Yabba Dabba Doo if you were pronouncing it phonetically in Spanish.

This figure is available for trade/sell. If you're interested, mail me: funforfreak@gmail.com

3 comentarios:

  1. I have no idea why, but the illustration on the card looks like a box of cereal! Until you mentioned the points of articulation on the figure I thought the toy was a kazoo or a bubble pipe! He's posed so unusually in the package! Great find! Where do you find all this stuff???!!!

  2. Swap Meets (although we almost never have those), Park Sales (every weekend, I don't go all the time, but there's usually lots of cool things) and The Magical World Wide Web... Usually are the best spots to pick up weird stuff.

  3. I am from Argentina, and i dont saw this toy so bad, but when i read Iabada daba duuu i laughed a lot, hahahah