viernes, 4 de junio de 2010

Teenage Mutant Ninja... What?

Well, this are not an Argentinean bootleg, but I saw this today and just had to write about it. Hes Leonardo from the TMNT, if you don't know who or what that is, then I just killed you for being a fucking alien trying to invade our home planet. Seriously.

Well, in this case T, M and N stand for the same words, but that second T... That's for "Tortoise"...

I actually like the sound of that, it's like the TV series/Pulp Comic/Arcade videogame kids dig on Earth II.

Also, he's pretty well sculpted for being so incredibly tiny (Just think that JLU Batman is almost as high as the card):

I no longer have this figure with me. It was sent to a Tortoise enthusiast in the US. But I can try tracking down another one if someone is interested. Just send me an e-mail:

2 comentarios:

  1. They made a bootleg of the tiny turtles that came out a few years back! You could get them for a buck each at discount stores. It's crazy what stuff they'll make bootlegs of!

  2. Me encantaria conseguir las 4, se podrá? gracias!