martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Green Lantern? No, these are the original CORPS!

These are the CORPS. A G.I. Joe compatible line made by a company called Lanard Toys that was actually part of the more important Pacipa Toys (of Super Amigos - Super Powers fame).

These are six figures of the first release of CORPS! when the used a smaller card. Later releases used a bigger one. I'll try to get some to do a comparison pic.

The figures are very similar to G.I. Joe and they are done in a better quality than some of the "official" figures we used to get here. On the back of the card they have a full description of the character's history and accessories. Also, they have like the most idiotic names ever since... Well, since G.I. Joe.

"Avalanche" (OK, not THAT bad)

"Brick Wall" (an NFL player, can have worst code names)

"Flashfire" (He's Icy cool when the Heat is on, that's cheesy but still OK)

"Whispering Willie" (what? It says here that he was discharged for being "too looney" for service... OK, I guess)

"Toxic Waster" (OK, so now this is just silly...)

"Lightning Mobutu" (?)

These figures are available for trade/sell. If you're interested, mail me:

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  1. Ha! These are great! We had CORPS! figures here (there are newer versions that are better), but they never had such wonderful packaging!

    The strategic placement of the accessories in relation to the guy on the card art makes me giggle.